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Suzanne Frankham

Suzanne Frankham

Jim McIntyre

Jim McIntyre

Dr James Khong

Dr James Khong

Suzanne Moore

Suzanne Moore

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Shelley Davidow

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Jen Hutchison

Tony Brooks

Tony Brooks

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Reader feedback

Shadow Over Edmund Street

Shadow Over Edmund Street is the debut novel of Suzanne Frankham and, if you’ll forgive the expression, a book of two halves. The first is a sharply written, masterful example of unfolding mystery and steady tension-building, as Detective Cameron and his talented flock are gazumped at repeated turns by the absence of crime-scene evidence and of motive or opportunity among everyone who played even the tiniest role in Edwina’s life.

As murder mysteries go, the set-up is adroit and a pure delight; little in detective fiction is more satisfying than a crack team that really has to start banging heads together to move an investigation into the hot zone. The halfway point or so is that delicious moment when the plot could go any which way, and you are tapping your feet in anticipation.

There is serious merit in Frankham’s choice to reveal the villain at an atypical point in the narrative.

Nikolai the Perfect

It’s not often one reads a debut novel that provides a realisation the author has crafted a gift beyond the story for the reader.

It is obvious through the lyrical substance of the work that author, Jim McIntyre, spent many hours crafting a story that brings the reader to a worthy and rewarding place in the manner and selection of his words. It’s as if each sentence has been constructed to woo the reader further into the story allowing an attachment to the remarkable characters and story. The writing is absorbing and vivid.

It’s a book of substance; worthy of the praise and awards it has received during its crafting prior to publication. A brilliant read and a magnificent addition to your library shelf. 

Pandemic Stress

"James has penned an open, honest and generous sharing of his own journey to balanced physical and spiritual health, from which we can all learn a great deal.”

…who is without stress in our world today?

And who does not feel anxious about a future world of sickness and disease?

Now help is at hand, for Dr James Khong has written a book to help you

 know more about yourself, your stress, and how to manage more effectively.

Read this book … it might just save your life.

The Place Between

I was awake at midnight and thought I might as well start that book you gave me, The Place Between. I was still awake at 3 am and had to force myself to put it down. It was really good. I don’t usually read fiction but this is a terrific story…

I just loved this book. Time travel is one of my favourite topics but sadly one that is often done wrong. The author approached the idea of time travel from a fresh angle that made sense and just worked. My heart ached for the characters, and it ached for the parts of myself I saw in them.

As a female that often feels misunderstood by the world and even my own people, I want to stand on the roof and wave this book around yelling ‘READ THIS! THIS IS HOW I FEEL SOMETIMES’

I struggled to put this book down. The only thing that could drag me away is my brand new super cute puppy.

Congratulations to the author on her first novel. I can’t wait for future works. 

Wonderful. Tells the story of so many women’s everyday life just beautifully. I cried for the characters when I reached the end but also the book was finished and I wanted more. Really loved this book can recommend it.

I have just finished my friend’s first novel ‘The Place Between’ and it was excellent! Suzanne who is a local hills girl is definitely a talented writer. The story is about relationships and their importance, particularly between mothers and daughters. Highly recommended.


Thank you for sharing your story so honestly & poignantly. Although each motherling travels a very individual & solitary life journey of grieving & trying to make sense of the insensible, there are many commonalities that can be shared. In sharing, we offer ourselves the opportunity to gain insights & understandings & wisdom that help to support us in this journey.

I also purchased a copy of Motherling for my dear sister who, two years ago, lost her son at the age of just twenty-one to suicide. She was not able to keep him ‘safe’.

Serendipitously, I just happened to hear a replay on ABC local radio of an interview you did with Myf Warhurst on the same day that I was catching up with my sister for dinner in Melbourne. Your story & your telling of it moved me so much that I was able to share it with her too. I am sure she will find much in your book that resonates with her journey.

May you safely continue your journey as a motherling & may you gain strength & warm your heart knowing that your sharing of your story enriches our lives. Bless you, for all that you give & do!

Bourke Street, My View from Here

Firstly, let me congratulate you on writing such a wonderful book about the life and experiences of Tony Brooks. I was given a copy signed by Tony for Christmas from a girlfriend, we caught up last Friday belatedly to exchange gifts. I have been reading passages at every opportunity and today I finished it. Wow! 

I am very familiar with Tony. My husband and I have always said ‘hello’ to him on our regular visits to Bourke St. His energy is so warm and friendly, there is just something about him. We have often wondered what his story was, and now we do … fascinating!

You shared Tony’s story with such compassion, kindness and direct honesty. I was also captivated because we live in Fitzroy North and the streets of Tony’s youth are so close to where we live. We literally live opposite the Edinburgh Gardens and around the corner from Alfred St. Compelling and beautifully written.

High Infidelity

Finished High Infidelity 10 mins ago and landed in Darwin!!! Absolute ripping good read … couldn’t put it down. Please sell screen rights to a movie!! Even though Mario is a stunner, I do think I am more of a Doc Roberts gal!! Clever writer! 

What a cracker of a read. I loved this novel. I’m having Mario moments often, since finishing this terrific read! Thanks Journeys to Words Publishing. 

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“Good books, like good friends, are few and chosen; the more select, the more enjoyable”

Louisa May Alcott

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