From the Publisher

We are living in extraordinary times

And these extraordinary times continue. We hope you are managing. What else can be said? We will get through this by helping each other and being mindful of our contribution to the control over this invasive, disruptive and dangerous virus.

For us, it has meant a change of focus, as one of our major sources of access to and contact with readers has been so disrupted— libraries and community groups.  We were shut down - and our hard-won meet-the-author programs were cancelled at short notice. As were our festival appearances. We have embraced Zoom and podcasting and have used these pathways to continue to bring our books to readers. This year for example, libraries opened and closed as often as we were all told to go home and stay there. It's been heartbreaking to have event after event cancelled. But we have continued to honour our commitment to our writers and published authors and those in the waiting room.

We have also increased our focus on providing top-level editing services to writers with advanced manuscripts. as a separate, fee-bearing publishing service. The polish of a long-form work is the vital (and often missing) element in bringing an unpublished work to the attention of a publisher. We can assist. If you are interested in exploring this for your own complete work, head on over to Manuscripts and then get in touch by email. 

We will return to releasing books in rapid-fire numbers (for us, a minnow in a shark tank, that means 8-10 a year) when we can be confident that our pathways to market are strong enough to give us at least a run at assisting our authors to build their reputations and to get in front of readers.

We remain mindful of the heart and soul that goes into the writing of a book, and the sweat and tears in manufacturing and distributing it. We love this process and remain committed to the writing of mature-age writers. 

Stay safe and healthy.


Jen Hutchison

Journeys to Words Publishing