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Journeys to Words Publishing puts out a wide range of books on a variety of different subjects. Some are by first-time authors, others by well-established writers. Read on to find out more.

Shadow Over Edmund Street

Shadow Over Edmund Street

Suzanne Frankham

Edwina is an old-school battler. Her life revolves around the church and her job unpacking vegetables early in the morning, while around her a new generation turns Ponsonby into a trendy uber-chic suburb. It is the chance win in a church raffle, a gym membership, that changes her life. She meets different people, makes a new young friend, Rose, and transforms herself ─ a metamorphosis Rose calls it.
When Edwina is murdered, Detective Alex Cameron and his team, Jerry and Marion, focus on the changes in her life.  As Jerry says, ‘loses weight, new clothes, new hairstyle. Neon Lights – a man’, but after three months they find nothing. It’s a casual comment from Rose which sends them trawling through Edwina’s childhood when Ponsonby was tougher, poverty carved a deep scar, and some people would do anything to escape.

Nikolai the Perfect

Nikolai the Perfect

Jim McIntyre

While post-communist Moscow deals with political transition, Vassili is descending into despair at his wife Anna’s chronic infertility. Following his father Sergey’s footsteps, he travels to Melbourne to teach Russian at a prestigious university. Accompanying him is a wrapped parcel to be delivered to a Helen Dalrymple of Mount Evelyn; a task that proves to be anything but straightforward.

Miscast and adrift in his new home, Vassili awaits Anna’s arrival. Bringing with her devastating news, it is not long until old resentments surface. At an idyllic guesthouse in the Dandenong Hills, the scene is set for a reckoning that will crack the secrets of the parcel Vassili’s father gave him, and blow the family apart.

Pandemic Stress

Pandemic Stress

Dr James Khong

In this unpretentious, gracious and humble full-of-learning memoir Dr James Khong shares his experiences of fifty years in medicine, his life and observations — and his suggestions for maintaining good health through any stressful challenge.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK levelled the playing field around happiness – this informative, positive book will help readers manage stress in a world full of anxiety and lurking disease.

The Place Between

The Place Between

Suzanne Moore

Sarah used to know who she was—a doctor, a wife, a mother—but as she prepares for the birth of her second child, she feels set adrift from her life.

Sarah’s mother, Beryl announces she’s coming to Sydney to visit. Sarah hasn’t told Beryl she’s pregnant. She isn’t sure why not.  This could be the final blow in her already fragile relationship with her mother.

'Wonderful. Tells the story of so many women’s everyday life just beautifully. I cried for the characters when I reached the end but also the book was finished and I wanted more. Really loved this book can recommend it.'

Mary – Perth

Bourke St My View from Here

Bourke Street: My View from Here

Jen Hutchison with Tony Brooks

He arrives on Bourke Street in Melbourne's CBD in the early morning gloom and stays until dusk.

Hundreds greet him. He shares a positive word and a smile with everyone. No one knows the true story of his life. His name is Tony Brooks.

Everyone has a story. This is his, and it’s not what you might think.

‘Fascinating, thought-provoking, challenging and a page-turner. Journalistic skills shine through and get you to know Tony. You’re left wondering about so many things, on so many levels.’  

Jeff, Melbourne



Jen Hutchison

This is every parent of an adult child’s nightmare. 

You’ve made it. Your child is grown up. He’s got a great job, living a full and happy life overseas. You don’t have to worry about him like you did when he was young. And then a call from halfway across the world. Something terrible has happened…

‘Motherling arrived Wednesday morning and I started reading it after lunch. I was completely absorbed by your beautiful, heartfelt and honest words. They resonated so deeply, and I could not put the book down.’ 

Marie S

High Infidelity

High Infidelity

Shelly Davidow

On her first day in the laid-back town of Byron Bay, Lara almost runs over the red-haired, slightly raddled Ruby in a car park. Relieved to be still alive, the warm-hearted Aussie leases Lara a small cottage on her semi-rural property where Lara’s journey of self-discovery begins.

‘Finished High Infidelity 10 mins ago and landed in Darwin!!! Absolute ripping good read … couldn’t put it down. Please sell screen rights to a movie!! Even though Mario is a stunner, I do think I am more of a Doc Roberts gal!! Clever writer!’

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