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Dr James Khong

author of Pandemic Stress: Reflections on Thriving in an Anxious World

Pandemic Stress has been described by celebrity chef Elizabeth Chong AM as a book that ‘might just save your life’.  Not many books have that claim to fame, or were written by an author at the age of 78! 

In his humble memoir, highly regarded stress specialist Dr James Khong shares his learnings from fifty years in medicine, his life (and near death) experiences and observations that stress is the biggest epidemic of our times – and gives us a roadmap to manage it.  

James Khong has worked with and is endorsed by well respected greats such as Steven Heathcote AM (20 years as principal artist with the Australian Ballet), Elizabeth Chong AM (prominent Chinese-born Melbourne-based Australian celebrity chef), and Professor David Webb, (Urological surgeon Austin Hospital and Olivia Newton John Research & Wellness Centre).  

For 14 years he was the sole GP in Cowes on Philip Island, based at the bush nursing hospital, the last of the ‘A Country Practice’ era of live-in local doctors for the community.

His book reveals how after a career of more than 30 intense years in increasingly senior positions in A&E in Melbourne hospitals, he saw the damage the drug prescribing culture in the west was causing.  He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hangzhou for six months and returned to his medical practice knowing that the removal and better management of stress is essential if we are to avoid the lifestyle diseases that plague our generation – heart disease, stroke, cancer etc.

In an era where patients expect ‘a pill for every ill’ – James looks at the failure of modern healthcare to solve the growing epidemics we see around us, such as obesity, diabetes, depression - and looks instead to the underlying causes.

This book is for those people who WANT to look at the underlying cause, to help themselves avoid reliance on prescription medicine.  James’ wisdom and anecdotes give the reader hope and guidance which, at such a stressful time to be alive, couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Ditch your ego and inhale deeply – here are simple logical strategies for every day, in times of unpredictable and massive anxiety - vintage James Khong”

A/Professor David Webb. MS, MD, FRACS

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