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Are you joining us in France?

Imagine your place in this scenario –

… only 6 of you, all writers with a manuscript well underway, workshops under their belts, but still looking for those advanced tools and techniques that can take their good writing from good to - noticeable.

… you’re in France, in your own room in a delightful, tastefully decorated, welcoming Manor House, set in its own garden, in a very French village, an easy three-hour train trip from Paris, lush gardens and a swimming pool for a dip after a long day of Writing Master Classes.

… you’re being given specialist, sage, support and information, access to writing tools you can apply immediately, attention to detail and attention to you and your writing pathway that is not available in large groups.

… you have a growing sense that you’re on a successful pathway, it all makes sense, you’re discovering what you’ve written, and how to improve it without fuss, by applying tools and techniques you take home with you.

... and by the end of this exciting, specialised and deep-dive week, you’re tired, but enlivened, and on fire to continue.

Jen Hutchison of Journeys to Words Publishing knows her material and shares with openness and inclusion. Her editing clients have described Jen like this:

‘I felt like a different person. You are a brilliant mentor, encouraging, reassuring and above all very supportive.’ Christina

‘Jen Hutchison has turned my memoir writing around.’ Roselie

‘I’ve gained tremendously from your wisdom, critique and editing skills.’ Jaya

‘Jen offers a unique opportunity to learn tools that will take your writing to another level.’ Mandy

… and you want some of this, want to take part.

Start here:

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