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Celebrating a Harper Collins two-book deal

We are so excited for writer Michelle Johnston who, having undergone the intense one-on-one editing process with Jen Hutchison on her manuscript, has been awarded a two-book deal with Harper Collins. 👏 👏 👏

As Jen describes it, 'An edit of this intensity is unrelenting.' In Michelle's own words 'Jen edited the book, chapter by chapter, always on the end of an email or phone if I didn’t understand, or there was argy-bargy about the intent or choice of word. Where there was not agreement (and those times were few) I was put in the position of justifying my choices, which made me burrow even deeper into what I had written. In a strange way, an intense edit like this makes you understand far more than your manuscript. Perhaps it is even yourself, and the reasons you are writing in the first place.

Watch out for Tiny Uncertain Miracles on bookshop shelves in hardcover in November 2022.

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