Every Parent of an adult child’s nightmare – you’ve made it. Your child is grown up. He’s got a great job, living a full and happy life overseas. You don’t have to worry about him like you did when he was young. And then a call from halfway across the world. Something terrible has happened…



I've been reading your book and finding it very powerful, especially as a mother of boys. Thank you for writing it and sharing your story. I can see it will be enormously helpful for many mothers for many years to come.  

Heather Ellis, author of Timeless on the Silk Road.


Dear Jen,

I have finally found time to read Motherling. I found your story and the story of Raif very emotionally moving and generous and felt strongly engaged by the narrative - I wanted to go with you every step of the way. I also enjoyed re-living sections of the Camino - lovely evocations of place and of people. My favourite insight was on pg 269 where you said: ‘There is enough space between my ribs for emotions, peacefulness and mindfulness. It is the same space that expands when I walk.’

Thank you for Motherling - I am sure it will find a home in many hearts,

All best wishes,

Patti Miller author of The Joy of High Places (among others)

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    ‘Motherling arrived Wednesday morning and I started reading it after lunch. I was completely absorbed by your beautiful, heartfelt and honest words. They resonated so deeply, and I could not put the book down.’