Shadow Over Edmund Street

Shadow Over Edmund Street


Edwina’s death is brutal, a swift and silent killer who leaves no clues. Her murder seems unsolvable until a casual comment sends Inspector Alex Cameron and his team trawling back through time.


Can they find the link in time to save the next victim?


And preserve his own reputation?



Suzanne Frankham’s debut novel is an absolute ripper. It kept me up at night and had me gasping as I read it on the train the next morning. With an engaging array of characters ranging from one end of the social spectrum to the other, this novel moves along at a cracking pace, and kept me guessing all the way.

If you love stories about everyday people drawn into unimaginable situations, unfinished business arising from the past and action-packed whodunnits, then you are going to love “Shadow Over Edmund Street.” It is addictive reading at its best and I look forward to reading more from this brilliant new storyteller.


Naomi Lisa Shippen