The Place Between

The Place Between


Sarah used to know who she was—a doctor, a wife, a mother—but as she prepares for the birth of her second child, she feels set adrift from her life. Sarah’s mother, Beryl announces she’s coming to Sydney to visit. Sarah hasn’t told Beryl she’s pregnant. She isn’t sure why not.  This could be the final blow in her already fragile relationship with her mother.



The author approached the idea of time travel from a fresh angle that made sense and just worked.

My heart ached for the characters, and it ached for the parts of myself I saw in them.

As a female that often feels misunderstood by the world and even my own people, I want to stand on the roof and wave this nook around yelling 'READ THIS! THIS IS HOW I FEEL SOMETIMES'

I struggled to put this book down.

Nadine, Perth

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    ‘A gripping thrill ride of uncertainty, drama and family disconnect with a finale twist like none other! A must read.’