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Suzanne Moore

author of The Place Between...

Suzanne Moore began her professional career as a small animal veterinarian with a love of surgery.

In 2004 she returned to university to study creative writing as an aside to her veterinary career, and along the way in the marathon for the mind that is a doctorate, the balance of power between hobby and career shifted in favour of her creative pursuit.

After many years cocooned in her thesis, Suzanne emerged rebranded as a writer, obtaining a PhD in creative writing from Murdoch University. During this time, she developed an interest in women’s narratives and time theory while juggling two small children and a household of geriatric pets.

Suzanne’s novelette, ‘The Station’—an eerie tale of a young girl’s journey through time and place—was published in Tincture in 2013.

Suzanne lives amongst the trees in the Perth hills. When she isn’t writing and the snow is deep you can find her snowboarding in Japan with her family.

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