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Writers' Retreat Testimonials

Terang, 2022

Jen Hutchison’s Writer’s Retreat in Terang was one of the best experiences that I’ve had! Her masterclass was fantastic and included numerous areas that will help improve my writing skills. I also found her class to be very encouraging and I am now feeling more motivated than ever to complete the first draft of my manuscript. 

Thank you so much, Jen! I will be recommending your retreat to other aspiring writers. … thank you so much! I had an amazing time and I learnt so many wonderful skills! I’ll be looking at my manuscript with fresh eyes now and I will be very vigilant when I write my scenes so I can avoid using adverbs, flabby fillers and weasel words! Thank you so much for a fantastic weekend masterclass! I had a wonderful time and found your class super inspiring and helpful! 


You know it's a writer's retreat when you get right out of the city and head to Terang. I knew nothing of Terang other than that it was a long way away. But a weekend in the gorgeous Commercial Hotel, nourishing my mind and my taste buds, was exactly what I needed to fire up my writing engine.

Jen Hutchison has put together an incredible intensive program aimed at writers who know their stuff but want to take their writing to a new level. There are now a whole new crop of writers in the world talking about Flabby Fillers and wondering how their characters brush their teeth. With a series of writing exercises and regular infusions of delicious food and wonderful conversation, we came out of the weekend invigorated and ready to write. But more importantly, we were ready to edit. Thank you, Jen, for an amazing weekend.


Thank you again for an inspirational "Writers' Masterclass" - the very name is enough to inspire any aspiring writer who gets a berth in the class! This morning I've been dealing with correspondence and scientific papers from last week, and already I'm reading everything with the discerning eye of a reformed writer. Can't wait to address my own scribbling. 


Thank you so much for such a terrific weekend. It was really informative and I feel quite cross at the people I’ve previously put my trust in and also paid to mentor me or do workshops with, who have not given me such basic paramount information for editing and other skills. I’m very grateful for the time spent with you.


Reading the format for the Master Class weekend, tutored by Jen Hutchison (writer, editor, publisher), to take my writing to the next level, stated- ‘Remember, there are no bad habits in creative writing, whether your field is fiction, non-fiction, memoir or poetry, only polishing tools you haven’t applied yet.’

Did this weekend deliver this? More than I expected. Jen took me along a journey into my writing practice. Her skills and professionalism assisted me, from the minimalist approach to advanced creative and polishing techniques.

I walked through the front door, and straight away felt the Commercial Hotel in Terang, enclose me with its charm.  I knew, this was the start of an intensive and wonderful journey into learning skills, and this weekend would take my writing to the next level.

Yes, I feel empowered, after this weekend with Jen, to continue my writing journey with the excellent creative and editing tools. Thank you, Jen.  


Thank you again for the opportunity to be involved in the retreat. 

The whole experience was enriching. I learnt so much about being more intentional in the way my writing is delivered and respecting the intelligence and time of readers. The information was accessible and grounding and I found it hard not to jump up in the middle of our sessions and get started. Jen managed to challenge and encourage with just the right balance and I have come away with a new set of skills that I will weave into every piece of creative writing from here onwards. I have met a wonderful group of talented writers who inspire me to work harder. We are already busy networking; sharing resources and achievements and the feeling of being part of this community is gold.  

Our venue, The Commercial Hotel in Terang, was full of warmth, quirk and heart. It was like visiting old friends you didn't even know you had until you arrived. Such a joy. 


The Writer's Master Class weekend, facilitated by Jen Hutchison and hosted by Les Cameron at the historic Terang Commercial Hotel, was an informative, and motivating experience. I gained practical skills to apply to my writing, practised the craft of writing through a variety of valuable exercises and shared the writing journeys of others. I came away motivated and inspired to go home and keep writing. 

It was great to meet you, Jen. Thank you for your wonderful tuition over the retreat weekend.


Many thanks for the best writing course I have attended. You are a natural teacher. 

I recommend the intensive writing retreat offered by Journeys to Words at Terang. Jen’s teaching showed me clearly how to make my manuscript ready for publication. Her passion and commitment to writing are Jen's strength; she is a motivational speaker. I couldn't wait to get home and start.

Jenny Canty

Jen's Masterclass is an invitation to take your work and knowledge of writing and editing to the next stage, wherever that is on your personal continuum. With insight and expertise, Jen works with each individual in a group context to challenge, inspire and educate. She is a generous teacher, sharing her knowledge in practical and creative ways. I highly recommend her workshops if you are serious about refining your craft or need to embrace the editing process.

Karen Martin.

Jen's Writing Retreat delivered more than I could have imagined. Jen's sage advice and abundance of strategies provided deep insight into the exciting writing journey ahead of me. An unexpected gift was being surrounded by kindred spirits. Listening to fellow lovers of words was very special.

Two days off the beaten track.

Learning tools we can't unknow.

Poets, bloggers and the published.

Self or traditional, choose your way.

Get on the train if you want to keep writing.

Make regular stops for weasels and flabby words.

What's the point?  Read the rules.

But whatever you do, don't exclaim them.

No adverbs allowed on this journey.

With Jen's Zen we'll stay on track.

Happy these words are out of my head.

Karen Hollenbach

I have been to a lot of workshops and conferences, and this is by far the most useful, practical and transformational advice I have been given for how to take my writing to the next level. I have a completed manuscript that I have been polishing but reached a point where I did not know what to do next. I felt like I was going around in circles. Now I have been given a roadmap for how to improve my manuscript and my writing to make it 'noticeable'. I know exactly what steps to take, one-by-one, and I can't wait to do the work. Thank you so much, Jen, for your sage and inspirational words. I could not be more grateful. And thanks to Les, Des and the Commercial Hotel team for your amazing hospitality. It was a fantastic experience that I can highly recommend.


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